The Project

The project: One roll of film (real film!), once a week, for one year. Pretty simple…yet there are so many things that I hope to learn. With my digital camera it is so easy to just take the picture and know that I can erase any bad ones and fix any ho-hum ones in post-processing.  With film, will I learn to WAIT and STUDY my subject? Be more thoughtful when I release the shutter? Will I learn to see art in the everyday moments? I am, and probably always will be a portrait photographer at heart but I wan’t to stretch my brain a little this year and see what happens if I focus (ha!) on a broader range of subjects.

The Gear:
Nikon F100
 – Nikor 50mm 1.8
 – Nikor 85mm 1.8
 – Tamron 17-50mm 2.8
Ricoh KR-5 SuperII
 – SMC Pentax-M 28mm 2.8
 – SMC Pentax-A 50mm 2.0
Holga 120N
 – Fish Eye

About Me: My name is Kirsten Geyer. I am a portrait photographer in Seattle Washington. After rediscovering the first film camera I ever bought in the back of my closet I decided it needed to finally get some use. And, well, who doesn’t love working on a new project about something they love?

You: Want to join me on this project? All you need to do is grab a film camera…any kind is fine (dollar store disposable anyone? Homemade pinhole?! Super fancy $$$$ medium format?)…take and show a full roll per week. I’ll be posting all exposures from one roll on Friday, the good the bad and the overexposed. Just leave a link to your weekly post (on your blog or another photo hosting site) in the comments section for that week so we can all see what you’ve been doing. Do it every week…or whenever you have the urge…no pressure. 🙂 I plan on limiting my post processing to only what I could achieve in a dark room, and hopefully none whatsoever…but whether you do a little or a lot of post-processing is completely up to you. And if you email me your name and link, I will add you to my Roll Call page.

This project starts the first week of January and goes through the end of 2011. Happy shooting!

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