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Film Friday – Week 6

Yes, last week got skipped. I was (am!!) ill and just couldn’t muster up the strength. Even this week photos are mostly duds…but I have to remind myself that this exercise is meant to get me out shooting more, and that not EVERY photo has to be a masterpiece.

My hubby went to pick up the negs from Walgreens and came back with just 24 exposures…um, Walgreen’s, I gave you 36! What the heck! Ugh.

My fav from this set…the flowers given to me by my boys, to help cheer me up. 🙂 Two versions…(taken in the same place in the house, but on a different day)…The first is underexposed and has that distinctive “film” look about it…the second was way overexposed to bring out the color and contrast. I can’t decide which I like best.

Film Friday - Week 6

Film Friday - Week 6

View the slideshow of all unedited and uncut (or NOT thanks Walgreens!) here.



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Film Friday ~ week 5

Remember when I said last week was crazy? Well, this week showed last week up. Times 2. So welcome to, er, Film Saturday evening. 🙂

See the them large and in charge HERE.

Gear: Nikon f100, Fuji 400h, Walgreens develop and scan.

As an aside…yes, I realize I’m failing in my non-people taking efforts. Oh well.









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